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What is the length of the eye axis? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-26
The axis of the eye is the surface layer of the eyeball that receives light, and its length is one of the causes of myopia. Generally speaking, the distance between the cornea, lens, vitreous body and the retina is regarded as a central axis of the optical system in physics, which is the so-called eye circumference. So what is the length of the eye axis of a normal person? This is a problem that many families are more concerned about. The following editor will take you to find out. The length of the eye circumference is not static, it changes continuously with age, but the value of the change does not appear to be very large. The length of the eye circumference of a normal adult is generally around 24 mm, while the length of the eye circumference of adolescents or minors under the age of 18 is different, generally between 20 mm and 23 mm. For example, for children about three years old, the axial length is generally 20.5MM, for children about seven years old is generally 21.5MM, and teenagers between 13 and 18 years old are generally about 22.5MM. Based on the above information, we can know that age affects the length of the eye circumference, so people of different ages will not have the same eye circumference. But for people of normal age, there is no big difference in the length of the eye circumference, which is generally between 23.5MM and 24.5MM, except for juvenile adolescents and children. However, the length of the axis of the eye is directly related to the degree of myopia. For example, when measuring the axis of the eye, the eye circumference is about 26 mm, then the degree of myopia of a patient should be 600. Therefore, prevention of decreased vision and increased myopia is one of the main factors to ensure the normal length of the eye circumference. In summary, we can know that the abnormality of the axial length of the eye will lead to the formation of myopia, and it will also affect the normal development of the axial of the eye. So in real life, try to avoid using your eyes for a long time, don't let your eyes get overly tired, and keep your eyes in a relaxed state at all times.
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