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What is the most popular style sunglasses 2013?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Heat in the summer, there is no any item more stars than sunglasses aura. At home and abroad, many well-known brands have launched a unique style of midsummer series sunglasses, in the pursuit of fashion and taste the trend of people have a special liking. Many people are willing to choose from different styles out a suits your face already, can reveal individual grade fashionable sunglasses again. 2013 what kind of style? Below small make up will answer them one by one for everyone. It is understood that in style men's sunglasses are made from a mix of sheet metal and men pilot type of sunglasses, with dark lenses, can reveal the man bold and vigor, goes in tide tips can help you. About popular female sunglasses, a timeless classic pop elements, and better able to meet the needs of ladies. And some exaggerated design, such as crystal, jewelry ornament frames fashion style, more can highlight the female's magnificent style. Ms sunglasses not as simple as men's sunglasses. So, ladies sunglasses are often not popular, and only for their own. How to choose in the popular design to fit your face the sunglasses? Small make up recommend a long face, suitable for wide band, darker, big frame glasses, as a result of the formed a strong transverse cutting, long straight line feeling is broken, they would face short the vision. A short face, can choose the different, can on the vision and the color of skin, also don't make the face of the lower part is too short. Also can choose thin edge glasses or glasses, on the edge of gold, silver, easy and face balance coordination.
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