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What is the normal interpupillary distance? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-04
Interpupillary distance refers to the distance between the pupils of the eye. It is a prerequisite for judging whether the eye has pathological changes. In other words, by accurately measuring the interpupillary distance, you can know whether the patient has nearsightedness or hyperopia. So what is the interpupillary distance of a normal person? This is one of the more concerned topics for individuals, families and society. Let's take a look together below, what is the normal interpupillary distance. Under normal circumstances, the interpupillary distance of a normal person has no definite concept, because the interpupillary distance will change with age. At the same time, the distance between the pupils is directly related to the size of the face and the position of the eye sockets. . For example, some people have smaller faces and smaller eye sockets, so the interpupillary distance will be smaller. Therefore, the interpupillary distance of each person is different. Some people have a large interpupillary distance, but it does not mean that it is abnormal; some people have a small interpupillary distance, but it does not mean that it is normal. After a long-term inspection by experts, a series of information about normal interpupillary distance was obtained. That is, under normal circumstances, if there is no special external factors, the interpupillary distance of a normal person is between 54mm-68mm. With different genders, different face sizes and different eye sockets, each person's normal interpupillary distance will also be different. But the pupil distance of a normal person, when observing things, the point of light entering the eye is in the center of the pupil, and the eye position is not abnormal, that is, the pupil distance is normal, which means that there is no problem with the eyes. For myopia patients, how to measure the interpupillary distance accurately, so that they can wear them comfortably after being fitted with glasses, and will not feel dizziness, brain swelling and other adverse reactions. In addition to taking the correct measurement method, you must go to a regular eye hospital or a regular eyeglass shop, such as this type, to measure the correct interpupillary distance with confidence, accuracy and error.
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