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What is the proper diameter of the contact lens? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-13
Everyone's eye size is different, so if you really want to wear a cosmetic contact lens, you should actually consider the diameter. All the diameters and specific base curves of the cosmetic contact lenses will be introduced in detail. If we want to purchase suitable cosmetic contact lenses, we must also consider the specific parameters. Many people wear cosmetic contact lenses hoping to ensure a very beautiful effect, and the different diameters directly affect the appearance. But what diameter contact lens is more suitable? First, choose according to the corneal size The corneal size of Asians is generally about 11.5-12MM. Such a size actually means that it is impossible for you to choose a contact lens with a very large diameter. Especially for some MMs who like super large diameters, in fact, you should still consider whether the rendering effect is natural enough. Most of the natural contact lenses have a diameter of about 14MM, which has already played a very good effect of enlarging the eyes, so we must still consider our overall corneal size before proceeding to compare the diameters. Second, avoid choosing super-sized contact lenses. There are indeed some super-sized contact lenses, especially the 17MM color contact lenses. Actually, the effect of wearing them is not very good. Although it looks like your eyes are a lot bigger, the overall appearance is The effect is very rigid. But because some female friends may be on stage to be more beautiful when performing, or need to wear different makeup, then you can also choose some large-size contact lenses that suit you, so that the overall effect is more beautiful, but daily It may be more fake to wear. Third, choose a layered cosmetic contact lenses If you just want to make your eyes look piercing, in fact, you can choose some layered cosmetic contact lenses. There are a lot of superimposed color contact lenses that are very beautiful. The diameter of this type of contact lens is generally about 14MM, but it will not have a particularly exaggerated effect. Especially the unicorn and Polaris styles that everyone likes in recent years have some shiny layers in them, which can also make your eyes look more beautiful.
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