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What is the reason for the uncomfortable wearing of contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-16
Contact lenses are glasses that many people like, because they don't affect their appearance, and they don't worry about fogging in winter, they are quite popular among many people. In addition to paying attention to the care and hygiene of the lenses and contact lens cases, it is also convenient to wear. But there are also some people who feel particularly uncomfortable after wearing contact lenses. What is the reason? First, the water content of contact lenses is not suitable for the parameters of contact lenses is not in line with personal needs, that is to say, what you have Wearing contact lenses is not suitable for individuals. One performance. The water content of contact lenses is not suitable. The main manifestation is that the eyes of wearing contact lenses are particularly dry and uncomfortable. Some people’s eyes are relatively dry. In the case of contact lenses with relatively high water content, the contact lenses will absorb the moisture in the eyes, causing the eyes to feel very dry, and this dryness will become more obvious with the increase of wearing time. Second, the diameter of the contact lens does not meet the individual performance. Second: The diameter of the contact lens does not meet the individual. In the contact lens parameters, the lens diameter is also large and small, so there are small diameter and large diameter lenses. . The diameter of a contact lens is the wider chord that passes through the geometric center of the lens, and the diameter of the contact lens is suitable for you depending on the height of the wearer's palpebral fissure and the diameter of the cornea. Generally, Asians choose a diameter of around 14.2mm. If the lens is too small, the lens will not match the cornea and will slip easily. If it is too large, it will cover the career and cause eye discomfort. Therefore, it is suitable Contact lenses with the size of the individual’s diameter will be comfortable to wear. 3. Inadequate care of contact lenses. Inadequate care of contact lenses. This is also the cause of many eye diseases. It is also the main cause of discomfort when worn by many people. If the lenses or contact lens cases are not cleaned, bacteria will grow. Harm to eye health, eye infection or eye disease. 4. Wearing contact lenses for too long. Improper wearing of contact lenses is also the cause of eye discomfort. For example, it should not be worn for too long, usually about eight hours. Do not bring them during special periods, such as sickness, swimming, and haze. In addition, many people are prone to wearing the lenses upside down, causing serious eye friction and severe discomfort.
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