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What is the role of contact lens eye drops?_contact lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-14
Although contact lenses are beautiful, fashionable, comfortable and convenient, long-term wearing of contact lenses will cause discomfort to the eyes, such as dry eyes, sore eyes, red eyes and other uncomfortable symptoms. In severe cases, eye diseases such as keratitis and conjunctivitis may occur . The contact lens eye drops are launched in response to these phenomena, which can effectively relieve the pressure of long-term wearing of contact lenses. So what is the role of contact lens eye drops, let's take a look at it in detail. 1. Contact lens eye drops play an important role in eye metabolism. Contact lens eye drops are rich in vitamin B6, protein and various amino acid components, etc., which play an important role in eye metabolism and can maintain the cornea and iris. , Ciliary muscle and other cells metabolism. Since contact lenses are medical products that come into direct contact with the eyeball, long-term wearing will cause the lenses to dry out or have a strong foreign body sensation. At this time, instilling eye drops can effectively reduce inflammation and eye congestion, relieve symptoms of allergic reactions in the eyes, reduce intraocular pressure, improve eye vision, and relieve eye muscle fatigue. Second, for many eye diseases, eye drops have a direct and fast treatment effect. Eye drops are one of the more commonly used pharmaceutical formulations for eye diseases. For many eye diseases, eye drops have a direct and fast treatment effect. However, in addition to being rich in nutrients that are beneficial to eye health, some eye drops have specially added chemical ingredients. If they are used for a long time, the resistance of the eyes may be reduced, and in severe cases, a variety of eye diseases may be caused. . Therefore, no matter what kind of eye drop product it is, it is better to follow the principle of a small amount of drops, so as not to affect the normal metabolism of the eyes. At the same time, when allergies occur during use, or when itching, swelling or flushing occurs around the eyes, be sure to stop using the eye drops and consult a physician for effective care in time.
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