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What is the role of protective glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
Protective glasses are a new type of glasses product that protects the eyes with special features, and the types of products used are different according to different occasions. For example, surgical glasses used in hospitals, radiation protection glasses used for playing computers, welding glasses used in electric welding, etc., are all protective glasses. So what is the role of protective glasses, let's take a look at it together. Protective glasses, also known as 'labor protection glassesAs well as the damage caused by the sputtering of chemical solutions such as some sand and gravel debris in life, it has a great protective effect on human life. Depending on the type of protective glasses, the effect of the protective glasses will be different. For example, 1. For dustproof glasses, they are suitable for use in dusty environments. Generally, they are made of flat glass lenses, which can not only prevent the Dust gets into the eye, and it also gives you a completely clear, open field of view. 2. Anti-impact glasses are used to prevent the small particles that fly out from penetrating the eyes. The lenses have strong impact resistance and impact resistance, preventing iron sand and gravel from hitting the eyes and avoiding greater damage to the eyes. 3. Anti-chemical protective glasses, that is, the lenses have strong acid and alkali resistance, suitable for working in environments with many harmful factors, and can protect the eyes from harmful gases and liquids. 4. Anti-radiation protective glasses are mainly used to protect against excessive ultraviolet rays and various electromagnetic wave radiation. The lenses are made of high-quality reflective and absorbing materials, which can be freely selected to transmit light and enter the eye first to block harmful light damage. eye health. Protective goggles, made of lightweight transparent materials, use a variety of beneficial polycarbonate plastics to enhance the protection effect. At the same time, protective glasses can enhance the effect of reflection and heat protection, and can prevent the lens from rusting, making it safer to wear; and reflect various harmful glare from the outside world to comprehensively protect the health of the eyes.
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