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What is the shelf life of eye drops? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-31
Many people with eye discomfort do not have a clear concept about the shelf life of eye drops. Although some eye drops have been placed for a long time, they have not been used up. Once the eye is unwell, many patients continue to use this Eye drops, but in fact, the eye drops have been stored for too long and are not suitable for use. The expired eye drops not only can not relieve eye discomfort, but also have a long-term toxic effect on the eyes. What is the shelf life of eye drops? Let’s take a look at how long the shelf life of eye drops is. Generally speaking, the shelf life of eye drops is about one to two years if they are stored reasonably and if they are not opened. Due to the different components of the eye drops, some eye drops have a shelf life of several There are monthly ones, even less than three months old. Therefore, when using it, be sure to understand the shelf life of the eye drops. Although the shelf life of eye drops is two years, don’t think that they can be kept for so long after opening. After the eye drops are opened, they will be exposed to air for a long time. Even if they are not used up, they should be used one or two. Throw it away after a month. Some eye drops have a short shelf life, and the shelf life is only more than ten days. So, do not use it beyond the expiration date. This is because the expired eye drops are likely to contain bacteria, common Pseudomonas aeruginosa and golden yellow grapes. Cocci are very easy to cause eye infections. If the eye drops are still within the shelf life, but they are already cloudy, it is better not to use them. Generally, if such turbidity occurs, the eye drops have changed and are not suitable for use. Generally, eye drops contain a certain preservative, and the bacteriostatic agent itself will also have an effect on the eye tissue cells, so after opening, it is generally recommended to throw it away after using it within one month, otherwise it will take a long time and will not be good for the eyes .
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