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What is the shelf life of the contact lens care solution?_contact lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-16
With the increase of contact lens wearers, many people who wear contact lenses also have more eye diseases, not only because of incorrect wearing, but also because of insufficient care of lenses and contact lenses and care, some in the use of care solutions, The expired care solution is still being used, resulting in a decrease in the sterilization power of the lens and eye infection. So, how long is the shelf life of contact lens care solution, let's take a look at it together. First, the unopened shelf life is two years, and the shelf life after opening is about three or four months. Generally, the shelf life is two years when the care solution has not been opened, but if the care solution is opened, the general shelf life is about three or four months. Therefore, when purchasing contact lens care solution, be sure to pay attention to the time of delivery and the shelf life. The care solution is generally used up in three or four months. The nursing solution is mainly used to care for contact lenses, sterilize and clean the lenses. If the contact lens is worn for a long time, protein and bacteria will be deposited on the lens, and the contact lens needs to be sterilized. Second, the expired care solution cannot be used and if the contact lens care solution expires, the active substances in the contact lens care solution will have a chemical effect on contact with the flight attendant, and the effects of sterilization, disinfection and cleaning will decrease, and the opening time is too long. , If the shelf life is exceeded, its bactericidal effect may be very small, and the consequence is that the bacteria on the lens cannot be eliminated well, and the deposited material on the lens cannot be very clear and clean, and it is easy to be caused by bacteria. Induce eye diseases, the eyes are easy to be infected and allergic, and in severe cases, it will directly affect the vision. If the care solution has not been used up, as long as the expiration date is reached, it is still necessary to throw it away and replace it with a new contact lens care solution. If you don’t wear many contact lenses at ordinary times, you can choose a small bottle of contact lens care solution.
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