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What is the shelf life of unopened contact lenses?_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-25
Contact lenses are different from frame glasses. They are glasses products that directly contact the cornea. They are one of the more popular fashion items in the glasses industry. Especially for beauty-loving women, wearing contact lenses can instantly brighten and enlarge the eyeball, and the effect of beautifying the eyeball is very obvious, so it is deeply loved by many beauty-loving women in the fashion industry. But no matter what product has a shelf life, contact lenses are no exception, so how long is the shelf life of unopened contact lenses? If the contact lens is not damaged or infected by bacteria and fungi, it is impossible to judge the nature of the lens itself with the naked eye, and it is impossible to know what will happen during the use process. Not very important. Most people think that the shelf life of contact lenses is only after they are opened. Contact lenses have no shelf life before they are opened. In fact, this idea is wrong. Under normal circumstances, regular contact lens stores, or well-known contact lens brands, have a shelf life of about 5 years before opening, and 1-2 years after opening. Whether the contact lens is opened or opened, only if it is used after the original shelf life of the product, the hygiene of the lens cannot be guaranteed, and the liquid medicine stored in the lens may have undergone essential changes, resulting in the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, and contamination. Because of the characteristics of the lens itself, it is better not to use contact lens products that exceed the expiration date. Whether the contact lens is opened or unopened, as long as the expiration date has passed, wearing it for a long time may cause dry eyes and gradual thinning of the cornea. Although these phenomena will be relatively slow, it will affect the health of the eyes in the long run. Can cause blindness. All in all, before buying contact lenses, you must be optimistic about the production date and shelf life. If the deviation is relatively large, it is better not to buy them to avoid eye damage.
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