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What is true myopia?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-11
True myopia and false myopia show the same form, they both look at close objects clearly, and look at distant objects blurry. Therefore, people often regard false myopia as true myopia, and wear myopia glasses, which will promote the development of myopia. Therefore, it is very important to accurately confirm true myopia. Today I will take you to understand what is true myopia. True myopia, that is, true myopia, although it also shows the state of seeing close objects clearly, but not clearly seeing distant objects. However, true myopia can cause pathological changes in the fundus. According to the degree of myopia, it is divided into two types: moderate and high myopia. At the same time, true myopia occurs after a long time of development, and the appearance of the eyeballs bulge outwards to the same extent, and they cannot self-adjust and recover. To rule out false myopia, it is necessary to dilate the pupils and then perform optometry. Because pseudomyopia is only a state of fatigue, it is temporary and will automatically recover, and it usually occurs in adolescents. However, adolescents have relatively strong accommodative power. If the pupils are not restricted to mydriasis before refraction, the exact diopter power cannot be confirmed. However, after mydriasis and refraction, not only can the accommodation power of the eyes be reduced, but also eye fatigue can be eliminated, and the tension-regulated ciliary muscles can relax, so that the diopter obtained by the test is more accurate. The obvious difference between true myopia and false myopia is whether there are pathological changes in the fundus. A better way to protect your eyesight is to have your eyesight checked regularly. If you find that your myopia is above 100, you should consider wearing frame glasses for correction, so that you can effectively control the development of your eyesight and improve your eyesight.
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