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What is wrong with glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-25
Glasses themselves are tools for correcting vision and are needed by people with refractive errors. However, there are some people who feel uncomfortable wearing glasses and have different symptoms such as dizziness and headache. Many myopia patients think that it is the cause of glasses, and some people think that it is the cause of optometry. So what is the reason for the discomfort of the glasses. ? Let's take a look at what is going on with the discomfort of glasses. Inaccurate optometry can cause discomfort to the glasses, which is mainly manifested in excessive correction. Patients with myopia will increase the adjustment ability required for near things and increase eye fatigue, so they will feel uncomfortable and difficult to see things. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a place for optometry Choose a professional place. If the glasses are matched with the prescription for optometry, but if you still experience discomfort when wearing glasses, you can consider the interpupillary distance. The interpupillary distance of some glasses does not match the individual's interpupillary distance. The horizontal distance between the optical center of the lens and the pupil There is a deviation in the distance. If the deviation is large, it is not only the discomfort of the glasses, but also there are many problems in seeing things, such as some ghosts. The influence of the inclination of the spectacle frame, because some spectacle frames are not produced in accordance with the standard, the deformation of the spectacle frame occurs during the wearing process. Therefore, the inclination will affect the viewing of the glasses, such as the spectacle frame that is currently worn. The inclination is different from before, and if the difference is relatively large, then the up and down positioning will be inaccurate, and the weight of the glasses itself will cause the position of the lens optical center to shift, thus leading to To relieve the discomfort of the wearer, the inclination of the temples can be adjusted appropriately. Affected by the wearer's habits, discomfort may also occur. Some people with myopia have become accustomed to the glasses they wore before. For example, they used to be spherical but are now aspheric. They used to be glass lenses, but now they are resin lenses. For another example, the coating of the lens now increases the light transmittance of the lens. If you look at things through the lens, you will feel brighter. Some people still don't get used to it because of short-term discomfort. There are also people who have a long history of matching glasses and have not changed lenses for a long time, so their eyes are more adapted to the previous luminosity, and the new glasses and the fundus imaging are different from the previous ones, and they need to adapt, so they will also experience discomfort.
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