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What kind of contact lenses look good on small eyes? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-30
Beautiful big eyes are always so eye-catching, and for beauties with small eyes, how to draw big eye makeup with small eyes, as long as you master some eye makeup steps and skills, you can still achieve big eyes, but There is also a simpler way, choose a kind of color contact lenses that suit you, small eyes with color contact lenses can also achieve big eyes. What kind of cosmetic contact lenses look good on those small eyes? First, small glasses should choose a small diameter cosmetic contact lens. If you consider the diameter of the cosmetic contact lens, there are large diameter cosmetic contact lenses and small diameter cosmetic contact lenses, but because of the small eyes, the eyes will look white. If you choose a large-diameter cosmetic contact lens, you will cover more of the white part of the eye. Wearing such a cosmetic contact lens on your eyes will look fake, and too large a cosmetic contact lens will make your eyes uncomfortable. Generally, a diameter of 13.8mm-14.5mm is sufficient. Usually a 14.2mm diameter is suitable for most people. The specific diameter depends on the actual situation of the individual's eyes. With this choice, it is both beautiful and comfortable to wear. Second, small eyes are more suitable for choosing cosmetic contact lenses that are similar to the color of the eyes. From the choice of color, small eyes are more suitable for choosing cosmetic contact lenses that are similar to the eye color. For example, black, chocolate, and brown are easily compatible with eye colors. Integrated, it will look natural and beautiful when worn. Generally black increases and brightens the effect will be better, and chocolate and brown are very suitable for Asian eyes color, it looks natural and not exaggerated, the eyes are enlarged but also very charming, with the right makeup is very good Beautiful. When wearing cosmetic contact lenses, your hands must be clean and clean. After taking the cosmetic contact lenses out of the companion box, place them on the index finger of your right hand, pull the eyelid with your left hand, look down into the mirror, and gently put it into your eyes. It's fine inside, just relax for a while, and just roll your eyes and it's ok.
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