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What kind of examinations should the child do before he wears glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
When children have blurred vision and often have to do homework on their stomachs, parents should pay special attention to taking their children to optometry, and must check their eyesight. There are also many lenses and frames for children, all of which can meet the needs of different children. But after all, the child is still in the stage of growth and development, so optometry must go to a regular hospital, and it is also necessary to make corresponding preparations in advance. If you choose a regular hospital for optometry, don’t go to the optical shop for optometry. It is not that the other party is unprofessional, but because the optical shop does not have an ophthalmologist and does not know the children’s vision very well, the doctor must make a judgment. Only then can you know how the child's eyes look like. In particular, many children are pseudo-myopia themselves. If there is no optometry, it will definitely affect the children's vision, but it will become true myopia. Therefore, it is suggested that parents should take their children to a regular hospital, so that at least optometry is guaranteed. Determine if you have other eye conditionsBecause some children may have other eye conditions that can cause blurred vision. And some children are not short-sighted, they may be far-sighted, strabismus, etc., so it is necessary to do basic testing to determine the specific situation of the child before they can be fitted with glasses. And if you want to go to the glasses, you must still have a detailed prescription, so there can be no prescription deviation, so that the glasses are more guaranteed. Consultation and correction methods and eyeglasses situation Many children are in the stage of growth and development, so the length of time for eyeglasses and how often they should be checked should be determined in advance. Parents need to communicate with doctors about how to wear glasses and what are the requirements for lens frames. It is recommended that a visual inspection of the child is still required every year. If it has been determined that permanent glasses are required, an inspection may be required every semester to determine the specific condition of the child's vision.
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