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What kind of eye drops are good for wearing contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-27
Glasses for astigmatism is different from general myopia. It is necessary to measure the axis of astigmatism in order to match the appropriate astigmatism glasses. The glasses for astigmatism are also carried out according to different astigmatism, astigmatism degree and astigmatism axis. With glasses. For those who wear contact lenses, how to match glasses with astigmatism? Let's take a look at whether astigmatism can match contact lenses. Astigmatism can be matched with contact lenses. At present, there are astigmatism contact lenses on the market, which are developed for people with astigmatism. The astigmatic contact lenses have different radii of curvature in the two mutually perpendicular meridional azimuths of the inner and outer curved surfaces, and the astigmatic contact lens can effectively correct astigmatism only when the astigmatic axis is kept stable. Generally, people with astigmatism, when wearing contact lenses, generally subtract half of the astigmatism and add it to the myopia, but the premise is that the astigmatism is not too high. For people with high astigmatism, only customized astigmatic contact lenses are available. Generally, although astigmatism can be equipped with astigmatic contact lenses, it is generally not recommended to use astigmatic contact lenses with high astigmatism. Customized lenses for astigmatism contact lenses are also thicker and uncomfortable to wear than regular contact lenses. Generally irregular astigmatism can be corrected with contact lenses, such as keratoconus astigmatism. Hard contact lenses can correct mild to moderate astigmatism, and soft contact lenses can correct mild astigmatism. Although astigmatism contact lenses can be worn, care should be taken to avoid eye infections.
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