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What kind of frame should a girl with a fleshy face choose? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-12
The thing that bothers girls is that they have a face of 120 jins, but they only weigh 80 jins. Flesh girls always feel that what kind of frame they wear is not very good, so they don't know how to choose. Everyone has a different face shape. If you can choose a suitable frame, you will find that it really has a cosmetic effect. Today, I will introduce how fleshy girls should choose the right situation. The reason why many girls look fatter with Guozilian is because they are Guozilian. Because the cheeks of the square face are wider, it looks slightly fatter. It is recommended that girls with this face shape choose flat round lines when choosing glasses frames. Such a line can effectively modify your face shape, and can also make the edges and corners softer. Women try not to let their face shape and glasses The frames are too angular, which gives a feeling of being less accessible. Girls with round faces and flesh faces are mostly round faces. Such a situation is actually very cute, but it will make your face a little fatter. For example, Zhao Liying in the celebrity is such a face shape. A weight of 80 pounds really looks like a face of 100 pounds. It is recommended that girls with round faces of this type choose some angled frames when choosing frames, and the lines should be angular. Because this type of face has a narrow forehead and chin, and a slightly wider face, it is easier to modify your round face if it has edges and corners, so that it will look more beautiful. Some girls with triangular faces have relatively large foreheads and prominent cheekbones, so they look fleshy on their faces, but their chins are very beautiful. So when choosing glasses frames, it is recommended not to modify your chin too much. You can choose some types with a wider lower frame, so that it is easier to coordinate your facial lines. If you like sunglasses very much, it is more suitable to choose some sexually linear sunglasses, which can also present a sense of fashion.
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