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What kind of goggles can protect against the new coronavirus? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-28
The sudden outbreak of the epidemic really worries many people. Everyone has begun to be fully armed. In addition to masks, goggles have also become very hot goods. In many cases, they have to work hard to buy them. But now there are a lot of glasses with eye protection function, and we can also buy them through the Internet. As medical staff, if we want to buy a suitable goggles, we must make a comparison and see which goggles. It can prevent viruses. Can a virus be infected through glasses? Many people may know that the virus can be spread through droplets. It is true that the nose and mouth are the main cause of elimination, but in fact, there is a mucous membrane on the surface of the eyeball, which is directly exposed to the air and is more likely to be infected with the virus. The ocular mucosa and nasal mucosa are closely related, so they are very susceptible to influence and infection. Therefore, it is recommended that when you go out, especially in crowded places, you should still wear goggles, so that the protection effect will be better. Dedicated goggles are the first choice! Now that you understand that the virus can also spread through the eyes, you can directly choose special goggles. Although the price of medical goggles is relatively high, the protection is also in place. In fact, as long as it can ensure that our eyes will not come into contact with external droplets, bacteria, etc., but relatively speaking, it is definitely better to be a dedicated user, so that a better protective effect can be achieved. Ordinary goggles also have a protective effect! If you can’t buy medical goggles and feel that your ordinary goggles are not enough for protection, in fact, ordinary goggles can also be used. Even exaggeratedly, our daily swimming goggles also have protective effects, and the effect is not good. good. In fact, the domestic control is relatively good now. You don't have to wear goggles when you go out, but it is still very important to prevent problems before they happen. Therefore, if you have the conditions to buy goggles, it is recommended that you buy one through formal channels!
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