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What kind of people need to wear sunglasses more?

by:Eugenia     2022-02-23
Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential items for going out in summer, and for some people, sunglasses are even more important. First, children need to wear sunglasses. Although children are young, they need to wear sunglasses more than adults. Children are playful, especially when they are on summer vacation. Children spend more time outdoors and are more susceptible to UV damage. In addition, the development of children is immature, the important parts of the eye such as the cornea, retina and lens are still very fragile, and their own adaptability and repair ability are insufficient. Ultraviolet rays can easily damage them. Therefore, in addition to managing children’s outdoor time in time, parents should also pay attention to wearing sunglasses when taking children out to prevent children’s eyes from being impacted. Second, students need to wear sunglasses for outdoor sports. Many students are immersed in books, and many people do not pay attention to maintaining their eyes in daily life studies. There are more and more people with myopia. Contact lenses are easy to wear and do not affect the appearance. Many people choose to wear contact lenses, and these people should also pay more attention to wearing sunglasses in an environment with strong ultraviolet rays. People who have undergone eye surgery have suffered trauma to their eyes, and their eye functions have become more fragile, so they must protect their eyes from sun protection. 3. Outdoor workers Outdoor workers are people who are exposed to more ultraviolet rays. Construction workers, sanitation workers, billers, security guards, etc., who stay outdoors all year round and work hard under the scorching sun are more directly injured by ultraviolet rays, and the protection of their eyes is particularly important. In addition to avoiding ultraviolet rays as much as possible, wearing a good pair of sunglasses is also very important. Fourth, light-skinned people, people with drug-induced photosensitivity, light-skinned people, drug-induced photosensitizers, and photosensitizers also need to wear sunglasses more than ordinary people. In any case, we need to pay more attention to eye protection from the heart in order to minimize eye damage.
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