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What kind of sunglasses are good? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-23
Most people choose sunglasses more depending on the style. Indeed, many fashionistas will also choose a sunglasses that suits their temperament, which can match and protect their eyes. But everyone should also notice that different materials have different protective properties, and there will be certain differences in wearing comfort. If you want to choose what material is better? 1. Classification and introduction of plastic lenses. In fact, most of the sunglasses lenses we buy now are made of plastic. Of course, plastics also have different lens classifications. For example, resin lenses are very common. Their materials are very light and they are not easy to break. In addition, their UV resistance is much stronger than glass lenses. The color of resin lenses has changed a lot. So now 80 to 90% of sunglasses are It is of this kind of material. But after all, it is made of plastic, so it is easier to scratch, and maintenance work must be done. At present, the more common resin lenses, PC lenses, and a kind of acrylic lenses are also plastic materials. From the perspective of optical performance, it is true that resin lenses are better, and acrylic materials cannot be used as optical lenses. They can only be used as basic sunglasses, which means that they cannot be equipped with myopia. In terms of abrasion resistance, chemical stability, and memory retention, resin lenses are definitely better. Second, the classification and introduction of glass lenses The optical performance of glass lenses is stable, which is also the advantage of glass lenses. But the glass is fragile after all, so the performance is still slightly worse. Most of the major brands of sunglasses have adopted resin lenses, although the price is slightly higher, but after all, the performance is good, and the weight is also lighter, so it is still very suitable for use. Third, the polarized lens is more suitable for driving. When buying sunglasses in daily driving, try to choose a polarized lens. This can achieve a good anti-vertigo purpose. Basically, the polarized lens can be used in driving vehicles all year round, which can ensure the safety of driving. . And now most sunglasses also have a polarizing performance, so practicality is good.
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