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What kind of sunglasses can match myopia sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Vibrant spring is coming soon, the weather has turned warm, sunny days go out should wear a pair of sun glasses, can not only have adornment effect, can block the sun, but myopic friends? Will not, of course, wear a pair of myopic lens wearing sunglasses, also have on market now can match the sun glasses myopia glasses, solved the problem very well. Some sun glasses is not suitable for match myopic lens, why? 1, the cast is too large, affect the visual effect of conventional sunglasses in order to achieve the beautiful, cast are generally bigger, will be coated face. Usually this big cast lenses, a joint European and American people a high bridge of the nose and face, and asians face slant generally fruity characteristics has many not harmonious. Type at the same time, the circle lens base curve is relatively large, matching the dyeing lens shape corresponding to also is big, and thick, never did a degree of beauty thin processing, also can have not beautiful edge thinning platform, different from consumers beautiful original requirements. 2, the lens can't restore the best effect of both international and domestic a second-line brand sunglasses, well-meaning in lens design, its membrane layer, color and function match the brand value, and much more comfortable with the vision of the polarized lens is given priority to, through the clear lenses experience and good frames have qualitative feeling, design form for consumers' attention. But this lens is replaced, difficult to get the same quality and colour of the lens, and nowadays the polarized lens price is higher, more is given priority to with dyeing, dyeing texture and properties of the lens cannot match the polarized lenses. 3, silk pursuit of thin enough bearing capacity has been glasses design aim. Sunglasses, and give full consideration to every link in the design of the 'burden', silk is one of object by extreme fine chemical fiber. As a vice has been shaping the brand sunglasses, thin silk design is accord with human body engineering and wearing habits. But remember: they are only for the frame on the flat lens tailored, if you want to is to replace the flat lenses with prescription lenses, the bearing capacity of original silk will be from the right become sparse, it's like a S size dress, object suddenly from 160 to 170, such as crack, fall off is the norm. 4, perfect card slot type and the lens can't regular sunglasses trough is the U slot, for the flat lenses, there is no problem, stability and fastness are good. But is replaced when the lenses with prescription, U groove between the lens and the 'rejection' will appear, even if the force loaded on for a while, when looking at is also no problem, but after daily wear, picked through the seasons, heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon occurs, originally just right summer, in autumn and winter, lens suddenly falls off the original. See the above content, believe everybody understand why not all sunglasses are suitable for match myopic lens, the last small make up recommend a few professional myopia to you sunglasses. Sunglasses factory 9803 c3 frame black lens grey frog mirror polarized sunglasses sunglasses _ men sunglasses YC9015 gun color sunglasses factory myopia sunglasses big box with prescription sunglasses
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