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What kind of sunglasses is most suitable for the summer

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
Sorching summer, go to the seaside resort is absolutely. But the warm sunshine and a crowd of people to our myopia. At this moment we will need a pair of sunglasses, so short-sighted people and how to choose the right sunglasses? Recommended reading: it is necessary to take a pair of sunglasses in the summer? Classification of myopia sun lenses are divided into three types: discoloration myopic lens, dyeing myopic lenses, polarized myopic lens. These three lenses have a common advantage is that they are suitable for all the myopia picture frame and small radian sun frames, sunglasses and myopic lens two beings become one and more beautiful. Discoloration myopic lens key features: color sunglasses is influenced by ultraviolet strength index change to adjust color depth degree, can meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor wear, effectively prevent ultraviolet ray, but if drive with, usually the car uv index is not stable, the effect is not very ideal. Dyeing myopic lens key features: resin lens price is lower, economical and practical, but ordinary resin piece dyeing myopia without additional coating can prevent ultraviolet effect is not very good. The main characteristic of polarized myopic lens: polarization myopic lens has the advantage that can effectively prevent ultraviolet ray, the price is relatively high, not suitable for indoor wear, and sales on the market at present the polarization of myopic lens only the refractive index of 1. 50 of the lens, the myopic degree is higher, the lens will be thick. Factors should be considered when the choose and buy of appearance inspection, in addition to the lens does not have Nick, impurity, air bubble, stripes, love beautiful lady it is important to note that a mirror or tags on both UVA and UVB rays and CE mark to have the effect of uv protection. The quality of the lens, the lens front around a foot away from the center to see a fixed objects, and then gently move up and down. If it is a flat light, the object should not move, if the object with lenses or twisted, means that the lens is not flat, concave and convex, buy the sunglasses. The depth of the color, the color is too shallow sunglasses filter effect small; But it's too dark to affect vision. Usually dark brown, gray, dark green is moderate. The filter effect is good, but after wearing glasses can see scenery will dim and will not have clear off color. A pair of sunglasses ultraviolet prevention function, we can't identify with the naked eye, the manufacturer of the product is an express promise consumer choose and buy has the protective function of sunglasses only reference, we can see in some of the product label and glasses positive such as: '100% of ultraviolet prevention', 'UV400', 'cut off all of the ultraviolet ray', such as 'anti ultraviolet' express identity. Wear comfortable, when the choose and buy sunglasses, do not blindly follow the trend, but also according to their own face to choose the size of the glasses, arc, etc. In addition, try to look have vertigo, lest produce wearing inferior sunglasses similar to dizziness caused the accident, also look at dialysis degree is high is not high, it is best to have function of polarized light.
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