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What kind of sunglasses match look better

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
About sunglasses everyone has been very familiar with, it is no longer just used as a tool of shading, used for concave shape more! But what kind of sunglasses match will be better? What kind of sunglasses or body better are more likely to match? Oval sunglasses designers give the oval sunglasses more mellow and full, and increasingly bold. Oval sunglasses to the requirements of the face is not big, general of Oriental women, can bring the oval sunglasses meimei show. The woman an ordinary turtleneck sweater, a wide leg pants, a pair of black loafers, are common collocation, on a pair of oval sunglasses immediately reflected in the bright spot. If you don't know to choose what kind of sunglasses, oval is a good choice, it is basically a joker oh ~ square square sunglasses sunglasses ancient classics, upper ( Also known as the eyebrow box) , under lateral and medial, lateral clear demarcation between the four sides, angular, suitable for neutral tide today, can foil the face shape of compact, wearing a suit a rectangular face and round face. Wear a high vented dress fashionable atmosphere, like a skirt, and like a blouse, tie-in a wide-legged pants, and coat color to contrast, compare, so is more elegant and intellectual, with a pair of sunglasses, the box to add a few minutes of fashion atmosphere. Frog mirror frog mirror is also called the pilot glasses, called never out of fashion sheet is tasted, many stars are its preference is tie-in a classic pair of frog mirror, give a person a kind of spring in the air full of taste. Within the joker frog mirror cowboy shirt or dress, as long as well dressed wear it very well. Hair stand up, wearing a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, a leisure straight leg, a pair of shoes is very tall fashion, of course, in this cold winter you put a woolen cloth coat still impressive as sweet. Put on a pair of frog mirror again, quickly improve your grades and tastes. Circle frame sunglasses circle frame sunglasses are always fashionable, classic retro or hip-hop fan, it can help you a good show. And round frame sunglasses incomparable youth fashion sense! Attract eyeball the sister a head of silver hair, a white dress mutual reflect, a pair of sunglasses break the monotony of white, pure black round box increase a point of fashionable feeling and hip-hop fan, there is kind of cool personality! In fact, no matter what kind of sunglasses, as long as you choose to follow the principle of frame and complementary to the face, don't too different color is tie-in, can make you very outstanding!
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