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What lenses are good for glasses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-03
After confirming the power of the eye before fitting the glasses, the rest is the choice of the lens. Due to differences in the refractive status of the eyes and living habits, there will be certain differences in the selection of lenses. What kind of lens is good for glasses? It is more important to choose a lens that suits you. Only lenses that suit you can wear them comfortably, and use them to meet actual needs. Let's take a look at what lens is good for glasses. Choose the material of the lens. The current market is mainly resin lenses, glass lenses and PC lenses. The resin lens has the characteristics of drop resistance, and the lens is light and thin, which is very popular among the public. If it is high myopia, if you choose according to the refractive index of the myopia lens, you need to match the high refractive index lens, but because the power is particularly high, Suitable for choosing glass lenses. Under normal circumstances, there will be more resin lenses. Choose according to lens coating. If you use a computer frequently, it is better to choose a radiation-proof lens. The surface of this kind of lens can be plated with a substance that can eliminate radiation waves and reduce the damage to the eyes caused by radiation and electromagnetic waves. If you like sports, you can choose hardened, abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant lenses. These lenses are coated with a hardened layer on the coating, and the lenses can last longer. If you are cooking often, you need to be oil-proof. It will be good to choose the kind that is oil-proof and waterproof, and the lenses are also easy to clean. Choose according to the multi-function of the lens. For teenagers, in addition to choosing ordinary lenses, you can also choose progressive multifocal lenses, which can alleviate the development of myopia. For the elderly, because of presbyopia, if you use a lot of eyes at a distance, you can also choose a progressive multifocal lens, which can satisfy the distance, middle, and near areas at the same time. If you want to meet office and business needs at the same time, and you need to correct myopia and need UV protection, you can choose color-changing lenses, which automatically change color indoors and outdoors to protect your eyes. A pair of lenses can meet multiple needs. The quality of the lens is very important. Don't buy it casually. It is more guaranteed to choose a professional lens. Not only are the quality of OULE glasses net lenses reliable, but also the lens types are more diverse.
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