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What phenomena can indicate that there may be problems with the child's vision? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-21
The first time it is discovered that the child may be myopia, it is also possible to solve the pseudo-myopia, so that it can also avoid the child's real myopia. However, many parents may have overlooked the child's vision problem, and always feel that as long as the child does not say, there will be no problems. It is recommended that parents should pay more attention to their children in daily life. If there is really a vision problem, the following manifestations will occur. Manifestation one, squinting children often squint at things, so more than 90% of the probability is myopia, especially after going to elementary school, many children sitting in the back are prone to this kind of problem, and everyone cannot ignore it. Parents must go to the hospital for examination if they find that their child is squinting. Performance 2: Reading at close range Generally, children with normal vision can see text from a long distance. If they often read close-ups and are lying on their stomachs most of the time when doing homework, they are likely to be short-sighted. It is recommended that parents find out that the child has such a problem, be sure to ask the child if he can see clearly, and then take it to the hospital for examination immediately, if it is pseudomyopia, it can still be adjusted. Manifestation three, blinking frequently Although we blink normally, there is no problem, but if the child blinks frequently, this may also be caused by approximation. Parents should be reminded that they should pay special attention to their children's daily situation, because if children blink frequently, it may be to alleviate myopia, which can increase the clarity in the short term, but in fact it is not the case. Manifestation four, frequent rubbing of the eyes. Unless there is some eye disease or inflammation in the eyes, it is impossible for children to rub their eyes frequently. And because of blurred vision, many children rub their eyes. If the above situations occur, it is recommended that parents take their children for examination in time. If it is false myopia, there is still room for recovery. If it is true myopia, in order to avoid continuing to increase the depth, it is necessary to wear glasses in time.
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