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What price should I buy for contact lens care solution? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-15
The popularity of contact lenses has also led to a sharp increase in sales of its peripheral products. Especially the contact lens care solution, even if you use the contact lens that is discarded every year, the care solution still needs to be replaced every day. It can be said that the usage amount is also very high. There are many types of care solutions in, and now purchase contact lenses will also give away a certain amount of care solutions. But if we want to buy it ourselves, what price is more suitable? Choose according to the frequency of use. If you really want to use contact lens care solution frequently, especially those who wear some monthly and quarterly contact lenses regularly, it is actually more suitable to use a large bottle of care solution, 500-850ML care solution is Your first choice, although the price is higher, the capacity is also larger after all. And you may have to use a lot of care solution every day to clean the lens, so a large bottle of care solution is more suitable. But if you only wear contact lenses occasionally, or generally use daily disposable contact lenses, then it is recommended to choose a small bottle of 150ML, so the price should be more favorable. Choose according to the brand. In fact, the quality of most care solutions on the market is still good, but the effect of removing protein is different. It is recommended that the annual disposal of contact lenses try to choose high-quality brand care solutions such as Bausch u0026 Lomb, because the annual disposal of contact lenses is more prone to some pollution, so the sterilization effect of high-quality care solutions is guaranteed and more suitable. Of course, many domestic brands of care solutions are also good. For example, Haichang and Weikang are very cost-effective care solutions. Choose according to activities. Now there will be certain activities on a regular basis. If we can participate in the activities, not only the price of care solutions will be more favorable, but there will also be certain discounts for contact lenses. Therefore, if we can purchase care solutions through activities, we can also guarantee a good price-performance ratio. As long as it is a regular brand of care solutions, they are actually quality-guaranteed.
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