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What role does the wear polarized sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
The arrival of summer, in the face of the hot sun, polarized sunglasses have become a lot of people the necessary supplies. Outdoor driving, fishing, golf, mountain climbing, skiing, tourism, such as wearing dark glasses can be seen everywhere, not only can protect the glasses to avoid the ultraviolet radiation, can add luster for their image temperament more. So what is the role wear polarized sunglasses? Recommended reading: drive wear what color of sunglasses is better? Ms sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses below small make up he said for the characteristics of the polarized sunglasses polarized sunglasses have the function of the ordinary sunglasses + polarization. Polarization, is to filter out glare, this from the Angle of the light emission to distinguish, glare, not all refers to the dazzling light, refers to the influence of visual light, harmless and harmful ultraviolet light is no relationship! Night lamps are harsh, it is light, not glare, looking directly at the sun at noon, it's light is not glare; When they go fishing, can't see fish float, because water reflex disorderly light, there will be any Angle that is glare, summer car or drive to see the road was a vast expanse of whiteness is glare, but to see when we get close to the road, it is because we changed the Angle, less glare nature, so to see! Summer has just rained, the leaves is full of light, the sun cause the leaves look not clear, that is also a glare! Is more popular, 'that things can't see clearly, because it reflects light, so used the shutters principle of polarizer, let your eyes can see down the shutters in the direction of the need to see the light, to filter out the squalid every Angle of light, it can make clear vision.
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