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What's the difference between a presbyopia and far-sighted?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Presbyopia and short-sighted, things are not clear, need to wear a correction tools to help. But both the distinction that having essence. What's the difference between a presbyopia and far-sighted? Recommended reading: how to choose myopia glasses frame? In general, myopia looking at objects, five meters outside the eyeball of the retina macular clearly form an image accurately, it is very clear, this is a normal eyes. And if you look at the object is very fuzzy, like to you in the front of the retina, weak, this is the focus of the problem, focus in front of the retina is myopia. The characteristics of myopia is, as long as you go on to gather together a gather together, the closer the more clear, more far more unclear, so called nearsightedness. High set 1 sunglasses factory. 599 ultra-thin aspherical double protective resin piece and presbyopia is a physiological change, with increasing age, due to the hardening of the regulating function of the lens weakened gradually small part is produce ciliary muscle recession look almost difficult to wear presbyopic glasses. Reading the age is not consistent with the own refractive status and nature of work related to every man. Face up to the age of 40 subjects without wearing convex glass, far-sighted people its near point distance is far, in the face but the ten-fold increase weakened and indifference. 1 sunglasses factory. 551 radiation protection green film hyperopia spherical presbyopic glasses correct myopia glasses is a concave lens. Concave lens into the virtual image as is always less than the object, upright, concave lens is mainly used to correct myopia. Reading glasses is just the opposite is convex lens.
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