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What's the difference between the different colors of sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Sunglasses, also called sunshade lens, and used as shade. People usually take in the sun by adjusting the pupil size to adjust the luminous flux, when more than the human eye light intensity adjustment ability, will cause harm to the human eye. So in the outdoor activity places, especially in the summer, need to use shading mirror to keep out sunshine, to relieve his eyes to adjust the damage caused by fatigue or strong light stimulation. We see not hard, colourful sunglasses special much, they all have what function, what's the difference? 1. Gray belong to neuter color, can absorb any chromatography, balanced while watch the scenery will become dark, but do not have clear off color, can show the true feeling. Suitable for outdoor enjoy sightseeing, photography. 2. Blue grey lens and gray lenses are similar, also belong to neutral lenses, but the color slightly deep, visible light absorption rate is higher. If the sun places particularly strong light, can consider wearing blue grey eyes. 3. Mercury lens lens surface using high density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb more reflect visible light, suitable for outdoor sports people for a long time. 4. Dark brown lens filter out a lot of blue light, to a certain extent, can improve visual clarity and contrast. If the environment air pollution serious, or foggy, wearing sunglasses visual effect is better. It's light brown. 5. Green lenses in addition to being able to absorb part of the light, can reach the eye big limit increase the green light, so has a cool and comfortable feel, is suitable for the travelers can use eye fatigue. 6. Yellow lenses almost not visible light, but in the foggy and at dusk, it can improve the contrast, provide more accurate video, again so travelers called night vision goggles. Some young people wear yellow lenses 'sunglasses' used as decoration. 7. Other lens colors such as light blue, light pink, its decorate a gender to more practical. Consumers should choose to suit his sunglasses.
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