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What's the difference between the polarized sunglasses with ordinary sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
Sunglasses and sun mirror, a kind of to prevent sunlight intense stimulation to the human eye damage eyesight protection tools. Especially in the summer, use sunglasses can effectively block glare of uncomfortable, at the same time can protect your eyes from uv rays, is radiation-proof sunglasses. What is a polarizer sunglasses? Polarizer is the sunglasses can effectively filter out the glare, according to the principle of polarization of the light. Through effectively ruled out and filter out the scattering light beam, can make the light in eyes on track through optical axis of the visual image, make the vision clear. What are the effect of polarizer sunglasses? 1. While driving, you will not make the eyes as headlights illuminate under intense stimulation; 2. Fishing, water waves in the sun shine, you won't feel not adapt; 3. When skiing, you don't have to worry about reflective and ultraviolet ray, can enjoy gliding; 4. When it rains, the rainwater flowing of road traffic signs clearly in front of your eyes; 5. On vacation, more ultraviolet light were effectively stop, let you heartily enjoy this rare leisure time; What's the difference between the polarizer sunglasses with ordinary sunglasses? In our daily life, in addition to the sunlight and ultraviolet, glare can also harm the eyes. Polarizer is general sunglasses, increased the function of filtering out glare, realized the real protection for your eyes. And general sunglasses just use the function of reducing light, only to reduce the strength of harmful light, does not block harmful light, polarized glasses, however, can be completely cut off scattering, caused by the refraction and reflection of various factors such as dazzling glare, even in bright light activities for a long time, eyes can be protected. How to identify polarizer sunglasses? Only need to two polarizing lenses stacked vertically, such as the lens appear opaque phenomenon. Reason is the polarizer lens special design of parallel light through the lens, when the two lenses stacked vertically, most of the light is blocked, a try then know true and false.
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