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What's the matter with drinking and vision loss? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-19
Since ancient times, there has been 'a thousand cups of wine every confidantEspecially when friends and relatives gather together, wine is an indispensable item on the table. We all know that drinking alcohol is okay, but you can’t drink too much, and long-term drinking can also cause vision loss. Let's take a look at what is going on with the loss of vision after drinking. Drinking alcohol loses vision. Some people have problems with their own eyes, which causes vision loss. This requires related eye examinations to see what the underlying cause is. Because alcohol does not contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, some alcoholics show nutritional deficiencies, and the toxic effects of ethanol are further impaired, so long-term drinkers also suffer from both nutritional deficiencies and toxic effects. . Nutritional deficiencies are generally mainly related to the lack of one or more B vitamins, also known as alcoholic amblyopia. This decreased visual acuity is manifested as retrobulbar optic neuritis and a disease involving the optic disc fibers of the macula. In the pathology, there is demyelination of the optic nerve center fiber and the disappearance of retinal ganglion cells. Drinking alcohol hurts the liver, and the liver also has a direct effect on vision. The liver stores a large amount of vitamin A, and the internal regulation of the liver cells can relieve the synapses of the optic nerve omentum, and the synapses are the important organs that relieve the optic nerve and vision. If you drink alcohol frequently, it will damage the health of the liver, and liver cells cannot be regenerated after damage. The vitamin A in the liver cells will also be destroyed, and the impact on eyesight will be obvious. Ethanol in wine will quickly diffuse into the blood vessels after entering the human body, and the alcohol is easily soluble in water. The vitreous in the eyeball contains a large amount of water, so it is easily affected by ethanol and easily damages the retina.
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