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What's wrong with hyperopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-27
The most common in life is myopia. Hyperopia is generally not developed well in the developmental stage, and some are formed by acquired factors. Farsightedness also sees things unclear, and if you are highly farsighted, you can see things near blurry. What's the matter with hyperopia? Let's take a look at it together. Hyperopia is mainly because the image does not fall on the retina, but when the eye is not adjusted and parallel light enters the eye, the main focus falls behind the retina. Therefore, the image on the retina is not clear, but blurred, which is why it is not clear. In order to see more clearly, the eyes will use the adjustment force to move the focus behind the retina to the retina, and because of this, the eyes are more prone to visual fatigue. At present, farsightedness is mainly a developmental problem of the eyeball, that is, the eye axis is too short and not well developed. It is mainly seen in children. The average axial length of the human eye is about 17.3mm at birth, but this kind of hyperopia is physiological. With continuous development and growth, it can be called emmetropia at a certain time. However, some people do not develop well in development, mainly due to genetic or external influences, so even if they reach a certain age, they are still farsighted. If the degree of farsightedness is very low, the health is good. And under the premise that it will not cause visual impairment, visual fatigue or strabismus, correction is not required, but it is necessary to pay attention to eye problems and use eyes scientifically. If it will cause other conditions, it still needs to be corrected by glasses. It should be noted that if the age is relatively young, those under the age of 7 are generally physiological hyperopia, which can be unworthy. If you are wearing glasses, you need to look at the relevant test results to determine.
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