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What's wrong with the vision loss of pregnant women? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-16
Many pregnant women will obviously feel that their eyesight is decreasing. Generally speaking, it is normal for the eyesight of pregnant women to lose their eyesight. Whether they are myopic or non-myopic pregnant women, they will feel that their eyesight is not as good as before. This is related to the changes in the body. Don’t put too much pressure on it. Let's take a look at what is going on with the vision loss of pregnant women. It is related to the hormonal factors in the body. During pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations will affect vision. Some people are the cause of myopia, so during pregnancy, the symptoms of myopia will be more obvious, so you will feel vision loss, generally Don't worry, it usually recovers normally 6-8 weeks after delivery. If it is the deepening of myopia that causes inconvenience in life, you can wear a pair of glasses during pregnancy. If you wear contact lenses, because it involves nursing problems, it is easy to cause eye inflammation and infection. If you wear glasses, it is more convenient. Corneal edema is also an important factor. After pregnancy, due to the increase in the secretion of progesterone in the pregnant woman and the imbalance of electrolytes, the water in the cornea and lens will increase, and it is easy to form mild corneal edema, which will also cause refractive errors. This situation is in the later stages of pregnancy. It will be more obvious, and the result is that the adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle is reduced, and it will not be so clear when you look close. Therefore, the so-called vision loss. Because of corneal edema, the sensitivity of the eye will be reduced accordingly to weaken the corneal reflex and protect the eyeball. In this case, it can generally return to normal within a period of time after delivery. Therefore, if the eyesight of a pregnant woman decreases, don't put pressure on yourself. It is also normal to have a deepening of myopia or hyperopia. If the visual acuity is extremely low and the visual acuity changes relatively large, it may be a manifestation of diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, in this case, it is better to go to the hospital for related examinations. When pregnant women’s vision declines, they should generally pay more attention to rest and use their eyes as little as possible. You can do eye exercises to soothe your eyes. You also need to maintain adequate sleep time every day, and you also need to take proper exercise, go out, breathe fresh air, look at green plants, etc. Healthy living habits are also good for eye health.
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