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What should adults do with myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-10
Myopia is a combination of genetic factors and acquired factors. People at any age may suffer from myopia. Most people think that myopia is in the process of eyeball development. Because of excessive eye use, poor eye habits, and unhygienic eye use, the eye axis is gradually elongated, and the light cannot fall on the retina after passing through the pupil. Then the optometrist will tell you that you are nearsighted. First, whether it is an adult or a teenager, improper use of the eyes may cause myopia. In the past few years, everyone thought that myopia was only a problem for children, and that people over 18 years old don't have to worry about myopia. However, in recent years, the rate of myopia among adults has gradually increased. This idea, which was originally limited to children, now also falls on adults. After the ophthalmologist's understanding, it is found that the myopia of most adults is related to overuse of the eyes. Although the eyeballs of adults have been fully developed, they cannot withstand the destruction of long-term close-up eyes. Therefore, whether it is an adult or a teenager, improper use of the eyes may cause myopia. Second, the more common methods of lens correction, surgical treatment There are two more common methods of lens correction, surgical treatment, of which lens correction is divided into frame glasses and contact lenses. Whether it's frame glasses or contact lenses, you can't just find an optical shop on the street for optometry. A pair of good quality glasses is a powerful tool for the treatment of myopia, while a pair of poor quality and unsuitable glasses is for the treatment of myopia. killer. Compared with contact lenses, frame glasses have a better therapeutic effect, and it is currently recognized as a better method for correcting myopia. In addition to lens correction is surgery, as long as 18-year-old myopia patients can choose surgery to treat myopia. This surgical method generally uses lasers to cut and thin the cornea, so as to achieve clear vision. The treatment time of the operation is short and the effect is good, but the cost is relatively expensive. Moreover, surgery is dangerous, and after surgery for myopia, it may cause a variety of complications, or a variety of sequelae. Therefore, if it is not a special case, surgery is not recommended for myopia.
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