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What should be paid attention to in the first glasses of young children? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
Throughout today's primary and secondary school campuses, we find that more and more teenagers and children are wearing glasses. This is because the current universal myopia tends to be younger and younger. While vigorously doing a good job in promoting the prevention and treatment of myopia in adolescents and children, we also It is important to pay special attention to the fact that the first glasses in life of young children who have been shortsighted are very important. So, why is the first pair of glasses important for teenagers? First of all, we must know that if the first pair of glasses is well matched and worn correctly, it can control the deepening of myopia, because glasses have the effect of correcting myopia. If it is not well matched, it will be counterproductive, deepening the degree of myopia in our eyes, and even cause problems such as strabismus and decreased binocular fusion function in severe cases. In order to achieve the purpose of correcting myopia, we should be careful when choosing the first pair of glasses, and choose carefully to ensure stable vision in the future. In this selection process, we need to choose medical optometry, scientific glasses, and we should not just find a roadside optical shop for the first optometry. Some optometrists, due to lack of qualifications, have excessive correction of myopia and insufficient correction of astigmatism. All are, this is a great devastation for the higher needs of young children with eyes. After choosing the correct optometry and equipping with suitable glasses, teenagers who wear glasses must try on the glasses for a period of time. This time can be a little longer. The optician will communicate and deal with it. If we wear it on, our beautiful eyes will be hurt. The first glasses in life protect our eyes after suffering from myopia. Its role cannot be underestimated, and its correct wearing also requires great care, did you know?
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