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What should be paid attention to when wearing contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-28
The safety factor of contact lenses has been improved after many times of improvement; but sometimes there will be some abnormalities, such as lens curling or burrs, lens scratches, lens stones and so on. Some of these problems may not affect the comfort and safety of wearing, and some will damage our eyes, so it is necessary to pay attention to them. How do those problems arise? How to deal with them? Follow the editor to understand! First, lens burrs or burrs on the in-roll lens is a frequent problem of contact lenses. The foreign body sensation of contact lenses is 70% because of the appearance of the lens. The problem is that the burrs are mostly caused by the inability of the contact lens manufacturer's cutting process; as for the lens curling, it is because the lens material is not good. In view of these two situations, you need to stop wearing them immediately and replace them with new contact lenses. To ensure the quality of contact lenses, you must go to a regular optical shop when you buy them. 2. Lens discoloration Lens discoloration is often caused by improper maintenance, or wearing glasses when smoking or wearing contact lenses while taking medicine when sick; and also because of contact lenses when you usually apply eye makeup and contaminate the lenses. . Therefore, in order to ensure that the color of healthy lenses is normal, do not wear contact lenses or smoke when you are sick and do not wear glasses; do not apply heavy eye makeup when wearing contact lenses. 3. Lens stones Most of the lens stones are caused by the calcium phosphate in the tear fluid deposited on the lens, and then the translucent milky white smooth plaque is formed by the package of the protein in the tear fluid. The plaques are mostly round or oval. The bulge on the surface of the lens is difficult to remove, and it is prone to discomfort in power distribution. This situation indicates that the life of the lens is almost over, and a new lens needs to be replaced. 4. Lens rust spots Rust spots are mainly caused by the deposition of calcium phosphate and ferritin in the tear fluid on the lenses. Rust spots generally appear on the edge of the lens and are red, brown, and black. This kind of spot is difficult to remove, but it won't cause wearing comfort and wearing won't cause adverse consequences.
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