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What should be paid attention to when wearing glasses for elementary school students? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
The number of primary school students with myopia is really large. Surveys in many cities can show that almost 50% of the myopia is reached after graduating from primary school. Since such a situation can not be controlled, then we should pay special attention to the requirements of glasses when fitting glasses. There are also many frames and lenses specially designed for students, which are safe and affordable. But after all, it is a primary school student who wears glasses, so the precautions cannot be ignored. Note 1, pupils with dilated optometry have a relatively strong ability to adjust their eyes. If we want to ensure the accuracy of optometry and determine whether the child has other eye diseases, we must dilate the pupils during optometry. It is recommended that parents take their children to the hospital for optometry, so that dilation is safer. Because after mydriasis, the child may have blurred vision and discomfort for a few days, so we must pay special attention to rest so that we can recover in time. Matters needing attention 2, determine whether it is pseudo-myopia. In fact, many primary school students are pseudo-myopia, not true myopia. At this time, as long as they can be properly maintained, they can be recovered. Therefore, parents should not wear glasses immediately, and it is also recommended that parents go to the hospital to determine the actual situation of their children. If it is false myopia, it is still reversible. If it has been determined that it is true myopia, go for glasses. Many children may not be able to see clearly for a while. At this time, you really don't need to wear glasses immediately, especially in elementary school. Note 3: Choose the right frame. Elementary school students are naturally active, and the children are still in the developmental stage. Many elementary school students have relatively small faces. At this time, you need to choose a special frame for students, so that the wearing comfort is better. Choose some ultra-light cases as much as possible, because the child is still growing, so you should pay special attention to reducing the overall weight of the glasses, which can also avoid the pressure on the child's nose bridge. Parents can also choose a special frame directly through it, which is naturally more secure.
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