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What should I do if I am dizzy with the new glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-07
When choosing glasses, you must see which one is more suitable for you. The glasses frames sold in the market are relatively high-quality, because the overall aesthetics during the whole wearing process is very high, and the shading effect here It will also be very obvious. I hope everyone can see how to choose the product that suits you when choosing, and you can wear it better. First, the newly-wearing glasses need to adapt. Many people have said that dizziness will occur after the newly-wearing glasses. Don't panic about this situation. It is also recommended to slowly adapt to avoid dizziness, because many people wear glasses for the first time, because they are not used to such glasses, they will experience dizziness, and after slowly getting used to it, dizziness will be reduced. The situation arises. Due to the difference in power or frame size between the newly equipped glasses and the glasses you have worn before, the wearer needs to adapt for a period of time, usually about a week. If you can’t adapt after about a week, it is recommended to re-optometry to see if The glasses are wrong, or the optometry is wrong. Second, it’s better to wear it for a short period of time every day. In the course of your career, you can’t wear it for a long time. It is recommended that you wear it for two hours a day, or you can take off your glasses after wearing it for one hour, which can also reduce dizziness. Case. Relatively speaking, we can do better in the whole security work, even when choosing glasses frames, we need to pay attention to this situation. If the power is low and it is the first time to wear glasses, it is recommended not to wear them for a long time. Wear glasses when needed. Third, choose the right glasses to wear. Another situation is that if the power is not appropriate, dizziness will occur. For example, if the power is higher, the dizziness will be more serious. After you have done your optometry, you can of course choose glasses with the right power. Relatively speaking, you can also reduce the appearance of dizziness, so that you can do better in the overall safety work. To sum up, whether it is spectacle frames or spectacles, many factors need to be considered during the overall wearing process. Many people will experience dizziness after wearing spectacles. For this situation, the wearing time can be reduced, or After adapting slowly, dizziness can be avoided, and safety can naturally be ensured.
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