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What should I do if I have pseudomyopia?_industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-12
According to senior optometrists in glasses life: Many people know that the performance of myopia is reduced vision, seeing things in the distance can not see clearly, serious or even invisible, indeed, these performances are attributed to myopia, what about pseudo-myopia? Pseudo-myopia is actually a kind of over-conditioning. It is caused by ciliary muscle spasm caused by incorrect eye use. Over-conditioning occurs. The lens becomes more convex and the refractive power increases. Healing can easily become true myopia. So, for your health, let’s take a look at what to do if you get pseudo-myopia. Symptoms and symptoms of pseudomyopia 1. Pseudomyopia is relative to true myopia. True myopia is when the refractive system of the emmetropia is in a static state, that is, after the adjustment effect is released, the far point of the eye is located within a limited distance. Symptom 2: The symptoms of pseudomyopia are common when adolescent students are looking at close objects. Due to the excessively strong adjustment and the long duration, the continuous contraction of the ciliary muscles causes the adjustment tension or the apex spasm. Symptom 3. Generally, it is due to long-term close work, poor eye posture, lying on the table, lying on the bed or reading in a turbulent carriage, too strong or weak light, etc. The eye ciliary muscles are often tense and fatigued. State, causing vision loss. Acupoint massage therapy for pseudomyopia: it is eye exercises. It is designed based on the causes of myopia and integrated the motherland acupuncture medicine, meridian, acupoint massage and other methods. It is mainly for Qingming, Zhuanzhu, Sun, Massage acupoints such as Fengchi and Sibai. Through massage of acupoints, the meridians can be dredged, qi and blood can be adjusted, and the eye spasm and tension can be relieved, and the effect of treating and preventing myopia can be achieved. Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy: Acupuncture is performed using acupuncture points such as Taiyang, Cuanzhu, Chengqi and Fengchi, Yiming, etc., each time 1-2 main points and matching points, once a day, 20-30 days as a course of treatment . Electrical stimulation therapy: select the above acupoints, connect to an electrical stimulation treatment device, and perform intermittent or continuous electrical stimulation once a day for 10-15 minutes each time. 12 times is a course of treatment. Pupil dilation drug treatment: The method is to use 1% atropine or 2% homatropine eye drops once a day for three consecutive days. These drugs can paralyze the ciliary muscles, thus having a significant therapeutic effect on pseudomyopia . Pseudo-myopia prevention methods 1. Reduce the burden of vision. One-time continuous short-range eye use should not be too long, the computer should not be used too long, and the eye should be rested for about 45 minutes for about 10 minutes and look at the distance to relax the adjustment. 2. Develop good eye habits, maintain a correct posture, keep the distance between the eyes and the reading about 25-30cm, do not hold the pen too low, the height of the table and chair is suitable, keep the distance between the chest and the fist of the table edge, so that the eyes and the reading are kept proper Use a standard-sized pencil to write at the distance of the distance, and do not drive, walk, stay in bed, or read or write under direct sunlight or dark light. These may play a positive role in the prevention and treatment of myopia. 3. Improve the visual environment and maintain the appropriate brightness and contrast in the reading environment. The lighting should be free of glare or flicker, the blackboard should be non-reflective, and should be properly illuminated. The desk lamp should be placed on the upper left of the writing desk. , The paper of textbooks and workbooks should not be too white or too reflective, and the distance to watch TV should be 7-9 times the diagonal length of the display screen. 4. Carry out physical exercises and increase outdoor activities.
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