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What should I do if my child's eyes are nearsighted? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
Children are more likely to suffer from myopia, especially those over 7 years old and under 18 years old, who are more likely to suffer from myopia. The eyes are the window of the soul. 85% of the information of the human brain is obtained through the eyes, so the eyes are very important for humans. However, some children suffer from myopia at their own developmental age, which seriously affects their life and study. Therefore, it is the last word for children to have glasses for treatment of myopia in time. First, there are three common treatment methods, frame glasses, orthokeratoscope, and laser surgery. The more common treatment methods for myopia are nothing more than three, frame glasses, orthokeratology, and laser surgery. For laser surgery, because it will damage the corneal cells, it is impossible for underage children to take surgery to treat myopia, so as not to damage other tissue cells of the cornea. Therefore, surgery is not recommended for children with myopia. Second, after excluding laser surgery, the child’s eyes with myopia are left with frame glasses and orthokeratology. After laser surgery is excluded, the child’s eyes with myopia are left with frame glasses and orthokeratology. For orthokeratology, It is worn at night while sleeping, and can be taken off during the day, which is a more convenient treatment method. However, the orthokeratology lens is more directly in contact with the cornea, which has reduced the corneal breathing area as much as possible, which will cause severe corneal hypoxia, and later cause a variety of eye diseases, so the child's eye myopia does not improve surgical treatment. Third, the better way for children's myopia is to use glasses to treat children's myopia. The better way to treat children's myopia is to use glasses for treatment, which is to wear moderate glasses to correct and control after mydriasis and refraction in a regular optical shop. Because the child’s eyes are in the developmental stage, laser surgery or orthokeratology may damage the health of the cornea, or cause corneal infections, and may cause blindness in both eyes. Therefore, for children, these two are not recommended. treatment method. Frame glasses are the most effective method for treating myopia in the current market. Even if they are worn for a long time, they will not damage the cornea or the skin of the eyes. They can also effectively correct the eyesight and control the eyesight to a lower level. Your eyes have a clear and comfortable vision. Therefore, for underage children, if the eyes are checked for myopia, the better way is to wear frame glasses for control and correction.
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