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What should I do if my child's eyes are nearsighted? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-14
In recent years, there have been more and more myopia in children's eyes. There are two main reasons for myopia in children's eyes. One is congenital and the other is acquired. Habits, etc. For the health of our eyes, we should pay more attention to eye hygiene, prevent myopia, and treat myopia in time. What are the signs of myopia? What to do? What to do with myopia in children's eyes? 1. Glasses method: This method advocates the correction of glasses for patients with myopia of more than 100 degrees, so as to inhibit the decline of vision. It is clinically shown that if most patients do not wear glasses, their visual acuity will drop by about 100 degrees every year, and within a few years, they will become hundreds of degrees of high myopia, and some even develop strabismus and amblyopia, so that the corrected visual acuity of wearing glasses is less than 0.8. The space for career choices such as employment and joining the military is restricted. 2. Natural recovery method: This method advocates correcting children's bad habits, and achieves the purpose of natural recovery of vision by strengthening daily protection. This method is effective for myopic patients who are initially found in a marginal state; it is not effective for most of myopic eyes with more than 100 degrees. With the gradual aggravation of schoolwork, the situation of myopia will become more and more serious. 3. Instrument treatment: In recent years, excimer laser surgery has been accepted by most myopic patients, and the effect is relatively good. Prevention of myopia 1. Self-prevention Children should have the concept of preventing myopia themselves, actively participate in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, combine work and rest, take into account both distance and nearness, consciously do eye exercises, eliminate eye muscle fatigue, and develop good eating habits , not a partial eclipse, not picky eaters, develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, and arrange your study time reasonably. 2. Family prevention (1) Create a good learning environment: especially lighting, 8-15 watt fluorescent lamps or 25-40 watt bulbs are appropriate. (2) Cultivate the correct habits of using eyes: sit upright when reading, with eyes about 1 foot away from the book, and take a 15-minute break when reading a book for about 1 hour. The distance from the screen is 5 times the diagonal of the TV screen. (3) Provide comprehensive nutrition: Children's food should include vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and trace elements, as well as a certain amount of sugar, protein, and fat, such as meat, eggs, milk, etc., because the health of the eyes comes from whole body health. 3. The school's prevention is first of all the school's environmental facilities: classrooms should be spacious and bright, the lighting distribution should be scientific and reasonable, the height of desks and chairs should be appropriate, and books and papers should not be reflective; secondly, the school's eye education: regular vision checks, Strengthen the education and publicity of eye hygiene, and urge students to do eye exercises seriously; finally, reduce the workload, and change seats regularly, and rotate left, middle and right. 4. Social prevention In today's society, schools and parents have too high expectations for their children, and knowledge is updated very quickly, so it adds a lot of unreasonable and extra burdens to students, which leads to an increase in the probability of myopia. This is a Great social problem to be solved. So first of all, it needs the support of the society, so that the child can be relatively relieved and relaxed in the process of eyeball development.
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