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What should I do if my eyes are dry and tired? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
Dry eyes and eye fatigue are often felt by modern people in study or work. Especially long-term eye use and irregular living habits can easily lead to dry eyes and eye fatigue. There are many reasons for the appearance of dry eyes and eye fatigue. Everyone's situation is different, and the methods used are different. Let's take a look at how to deal with dry eyes and eye fatigue. If it is because of frequent staring at the computer, or staring at a close distance for a long time, and the eyes do not get suitable rest, the eyes are dry and eye fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to blink more, and let the eyes get proper rest to relieve eye fatigue. For dry eyes caused by visual fatigue, you can use eye drops, such as pearl eye drops, shiny eye drops and other artificial tears to relieve dry eye fatigue. You can also close your eyes to rest and do proper eye exercises. Dry eyes caused by lack of vitamin A is also very common, and lack of vitamin A, the skin will become very dry, and night blindness will occur. Wearing contact lenses can also easily cause dry eyes and eye fatigue, mainly because wearing contact lenses will speed up the evaporation of tears, especially those with high water content. Dry. Dry eyes and eye fatigue caused by environmental factors, such as smoky weather, air pollution, dry climate, etc., dry eyes and eye fatigue can also occur in many people, especially some elderly people, because the function of tear secretion is reduced, and they are in this condition. Dry eyes and eye fatigue are more likely to occur in the environment, which requires proper rest and the use of eye drops. Dry eye fatigue caused by certain causes, such as diabetes, asthma, cataract, glaucoma, etc., need to find the cause and treat it symptomatically. Liver and kidney yin deficiency can also easily lead to dry eyes and eye fatigue. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, or take related drugs orally under the guidance of a doctor.
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