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What should I do if my eyesight declines when I use the computer for a long time? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
Computers are now indispensable for everyone, and long-term eye fatigue with computers is also common. Nowadays, not only people who work with computers will experience vision loss. Many teenagers who often use the Internet for a long time will also cause vision loss for a long time. So, how can we alleviate the vision loss? Let’s take a look at the long-term computer vision. What to do if it drops. Vitamin A supplementation is necessary. Because of long-term exposure to the computer, the rhodopsin on the retina in the eyes will be consumed, and vitamin A is the main element for the synthesis of rhodopsin, so vitamin A supplementation is necessary. Moreover, vitamin A is also an important element for eye protection. A lack of vitamin A can also cause night blindness. People who use computers for a long time need to eat more carrots, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement their nutrition. You can also drink more tea at ordinary times. Tea contains active substances such as tea polyphenols, which have the effect of anti-radiation substances. , It also has a protective effect on the eyes. The main reason is due to visual fatigue, so pay attention to the time of eye use. Under normal circumstances, computer workers will rest for about ten minutes after working for an hour. If possible, go for a walk or stretch out in the lounge. The simpler way is to close your eyes and rest your mind, or do eye exercises. These are very helpful for alleviating eye fatigue. Good living habits are also very important. For example, the duration of continuous surfing is generally no more than one hour. The distance between your eyes and the screen should be 40~50 cm. Your eyes should be flat or slightly downward, and don’t keep blinking. If you feel tired while surfing the Internet, you can blink more. Wearing radiation-proof glasses can reduce radiation damage to the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. The working environment should have suitable light, not too bright and dazzling, and not too dark. A better environment for surfing the Internet must also be ventilated. Being able to breathe fresh air is also very helpful for relieving fatigue.
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