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What should I do if my glasses fog up in winter? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-24
Wearing contact lenses is also troublesome, and wearing spectacles is uncomfortable. Many people only think of the inconvenient moments when wearing glasses, such as when the lenses become blurred when eating noodles and soup, getting water droplets when it rains, and wearing two pairs for watching 3D movies. Glasses... In fact, these troubles have corresponding solutions, but you don't know it yet. Knowing how to deal with it, wearing glasses can become fashionable and convenient. ▲What should I do if the noodles are fogged? Some people with low degrees will simply take off their glasses when eating noodles. After all, the face at such a close distance should still be seen clearly with the naked eye. But when eating noodles and drinking soup, it is inevitable that you will also watch TV, newspapers, and mobile phones at the same time. The solution is to use anti-fog lenses, or smear anti-fogging lotions and ointments on the lenses. It is now very convenient to wear anti-fog lenses, and it is also very simple to apply ointments to prevent fogging. The same goes for waterproofing, with waterproof lenses and coatings. ▲What should I do if I fog up when wearing a mask? There are masks on the market that prevent fogging of spectacle lenses. If you think that special masks are expensive, there is an easy way. That is to put the glasses in my arms to warm up. Put it in your chest pocket inside your clothes, or hold it in your arms for a while. Especially when waiting for the car in winter, you can warm it up, and then you will not fog your glasses as soon as you get in the car. ▲ What to do when watching 3D movies is a simpler and more effective way to wear contact lenses. If you feel that wearing two pairs of frame glasses at the same time is too heavy on the nose and feels uncomfortable, then when buying glasses, try to choose a larger nose pad area and a lighter frame material.
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