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What should I do if my spectacle lenses are dirty?

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
In recent years, the number of people with myopia has increased, and glasses have gradually become a necessity for people with myopia. There are so many spectacle shops across the country. It is not simple to find a suitable spectacle for you, so I think friends who wear spectacles should take good care of it. In real life, as long as ordinary things are dirty, we all know that they can be washed with water and wiped dry. But the spectacle lens is not the same if it is dirty, because the spectacle lens is very fragile, it is easy to be scratched, so when cleaning the spectacle lens, you must pay attention to the important details, so that the glasses can last. What should I do if the spectacle lens is dirty, let's take a look at it together. What should I do if the spectacle lens is dirty? 1. When cleaning the spectacle lens, it is best to choose some soft cloth, and wipe it slowly to remove the stains in the gap. But remember, when removing the stains, it is best not to wipe it off in circles, but remember to wipe in one direction, so as to avoid damage to the spectacle lens. 2. When the spectacle lens is exposed to the rain forest or the grease is occupied, do not use a paper towel to clean the lens directly. You should wash it with water first, and then pour detergent or soap on the greased area, and clean it with water at the same time. Finished clean. Another point is that after cleaning, remember to wait until it dries naturally so that the lens will not leave fingerprints and other traces. 3. If the spectacle lenses are dirty, you can go to some professional spectacle shops to clean them, because the spectacle shops generally have cleaning instruments, which are usually cleaned for free for the general public, which is both insurance and money saving. The most important part of spectacles, a good spectacle mainly depends on the material of the spectacle lens, so you must take care of your spectacles in daily life. Pay attention to the use of spectacle lenses 1. After using the spectacles, it is best to put the spectacles in a dry case to prevent the spectacle lens from being corroded by moisture. 2. When taking off the glasses, it is best not to use one hand to take off the glasses, you should use both hands to take off the glasses, so as to prevent your fingers from touching the lens and causing lens contamination. 3. Do not directly contact the spectacle lens with a hard object to prevent the lens from being knocked and cracked and affecting the health of eyesight. 4. The most important point is not to contact the spectacle lens with some chemical substances containing acid and alkali, otherwise the original function of the lens will be eliminated. If the spectacle lens is dirty, please remember to clean it in accordance with the regular method. Do not clean it directly with water or a rag. After cleaning, remember to wait until it is air-dried before wearing it. Don't use other things to dry it to prevent the lens from being scratched and affecting its wearing effect.
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