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What should I do if my vision is reduced after childbirth? How to prevent the loss of vision after childbirth? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-29
During pregnancy, many pregnant women will experience obvious changes in their eyes, such as blurred vision, dry eyes, or decreased vision. However, these pre-infertility discomforts still exist after pregnancy, especially vision loss and blurred vision. So what to do with postpartum vision loss? How to prevent postpartum vision loss in pregnant women? Today, I will share with you all to learn about it! First, it is due to excessive force during childbirth, which causes eye conjunctival congestion and postpartum vision loss. Mommy, Eyes are not only very tired, but also often have discomforts such as dizziness, vertigo and blurred vision. The main reason for these symptoms is that due to excessive force during labor, the conjunctiva of the eyeball is congested, which will affect the changes in the diopter of the eye. In a situation like this, the better way is to wait for it to recover naturally without any drug treatment, as long as you pay attention to eye hygiene, use your eyes scientifically, and eat more foods containing vitamins and proteins after giving birth. Second, you can re-optometry after childbirth. If the luminosity changes, you need to re-match glasses. If the pregnant woman has suffered from myopia before, and the vision declines after childbirth, first go to a professional optical shop to check the vision to see if the previous glasses are still good. Complies with the current diopter. If not, you need to prepare a new pair of glasses, preferably anti-fatigue glasses, so as to avoid the phenomenon of eye fatigue after childbirth. Usually, the time for reading, watching TV, and watching movies should be reduced, and appropriately look into the distance to relieve the fatigue of the ciliary muscle. Under normal circumstances, postpartum vision loss is caused by the loss of qi and blood in pregnant women. Due to the severe consumption of physical strength and energy during childbirth, it has an impact on the liver and kidneys. Therefore, individual pregnant women will have postpartum blurred vision and vision. The phenomenon of falling and easy eye fatigue. At this time, you can take some ginseng and Qi Ju to supplement the energy of the liver and kidney, then go to a professional optical shop to check your vision, and wear appropriate glasses to prevent and correct it. In addition, usually can not use the eyes for more than 2 hours for a long time, eat more vitamin food, will supplement sleep and so on.
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