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What should I do if teenagers are tired of eyes? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
Today's teenagers are prone to fatigue and myopia because of their heavy schoolwork and usually not paying attention to protecting their eyes. Many teenagers are prone to dry eyes, hot eyes, dizziness, headaches and other eye fatigue symptoms. So, what should teenagers do with eye fatigue? Let's take a look at it together. A large number of people think of using eye drops to relieve eye fatigue. In fact, everyone knows that eye drops generally contain preservatives. Eye drops are not suitable for long-term use. If you rely on eye drops, it is easy to damage. The physiological environment of the eyes destroys the stability of the tear film, which not only cannot relieve eye fatigue, but also easily causes damage to the eyes. Physical fitness, the body is a whole, if you exercise regularly, a strong physique is also good for relieving eye fatigue and preventing myopia. Good living habits can relieve eye fatigue. In terms of diet, what to eat can relieve eye fatigue. Teenagers should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, pay attention to the nutritional balance of the diet, and eat less high-sugar foods. Pay attention to the quality of sleep and develop a good work and rest time. Regular eye exercises can help relieve eye fatigue. It can promote the blood around the eyes, relax the eye muscles, and protect the eyes. Create a good living and learning environment for young people. When children usually do homework at night, incandescent lamps are more suitable for students if they want to compare incandescent lamps with fluorescent lamps. Teens must avoid studying in glare and strong light. Glare and bright light are more likely to tire the eyes. Good eye habits, the study time is usually about an hour, let the eyes rest for a while, and look at the distance. Watching the computer and watching TV should not be too long, usually an hour, not more than four hours a day. Finally, pay attention to keeping the distance between the rest and the TV at about three meters, and the distance with the computer at about 50-70cm.
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