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What should I do if the power of the glasses is high?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-23
The purpose of correcting vision is not only for the eyes to see more clearly, but also to protect the eyes. Therefore, it is better to wear glasses that are suitable for the individual. Some people don't pay much attention to glasses and think that just a pair of glasses will do. As a result, the power of the glasses is too high and it is not comfortable to wear. What should I do if the power of the glasses is high? Let’s take a look at it together. Generally speaking, glasses with high power, wearing such glasses will feel very uncomfortable, dizziness, and some even feel nausea, headaches and other discomforts. For such glasses, it is obvious that they are not suitable for wearing and must be replaced with new glasses. , Whether it is the elderly, middle-aged or children, wearing high-power glasses will not only cause discomfort in the eyes, but will also increase the focus and decrease the degree of myopia. For children and adolescents, a large part of the high degree of glasses is caused by inaccurate optometry. Children and adolescents need mydriasis and refraction in glasses. In special cases, mydriasis may not be required. Mydriatic refraction can distinguish between true and false myopia, and can also understand a refractive state of the eye more accurately, which can be a better reference for glasses. Since there are more pseudo-myopia in young children, it is difficult to know whether it is true myopia without mydriasis and refraction. For adults and people with presbyopia, the high power of the glasses is also related to the optometry. Therefore, when the power of the glasses is high, it is necessary to perform refraction in the glasses. When choosing optometry, you must choose a professional one, and you must not choose a small shop casually. Generally large optical shops are pretty good. Like the 21-step optometry, the optometry is accurate, and it is aimed at the individual as a whole, so the pair of glasses will be more comfortable to wear.
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