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What should I do if the resin lens is scratched? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
The resin lens is light and not easy to break and other advantages, it is liked by everyone. But because the resin lens itself is relatively soft, it is easy to get scratches if it is not well maintained. Some glasses friends are not very concerned about the scratches on the lenses. Does this affect the eyes? Let’s take a look at the scratches on the resin lens. If the scratches on the resin lens are relatively small, you can try to use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and gently wipe in the direction of the scratch to cover the scratches. If the scratches on the lens affect the condition of seeing things, the best way is Just change the lens. If the scratches on the lens are relatively deep, it will affect the optical performance of the glasses, the light transmittance of the lens will be reduced, and if it is serious, it will affect the clarity of seeing things, and the impact on vision is self-evident, and we will pay more attention to it. Fatigue, add depth number. Therefore, changing the lens is the better way. Resin lenses are more prone to scratches because of their low hardness. If you have higher requirements for scratches in your personal life, you can choose lenses with hardened coatings when choosing lenses. This type of lens The lenses are generally more wear-resistant. Therefore, the basis for the selection of spectacle lenses is particularly important for individuals. When using resin lenses, pay attention to the placement of the lenses so as not to touch hard and sharp objects to avoid scratches on the lenses. It is best to put it in the glasses case when it is not in use. Because the resin lens is not very hard, you should rinse it with clean water before cleaning. If it is stained with grease, you can use the eyeglass cleaner or detergent to clean it. After washing, let it dry naturally, or use the eyeglasses. Wipe dry with a cloth. It should be noted that do not wipe directly with glasses cloth or other cloth before cleaning, so as to avoid any particulate matter. If you wipe it directly, it will cause scratches on the resin lens. It will be better to clean.
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