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What should I pay attention to when buying contact lenses?_Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-02
As an ornament, the cosmetic effect of cosmetic contact lenses is very enviable. It has always been very popular among young people. However, many people more or less overlook some very important issues when buying cosmetic contact lenses, which may cause unnecessary trouble. Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to when buying cosmetic contact lenses. Contact lenses belong to the category of medical equipment. Therefore, optical shops selling cosmetic contact lenses need to hold a medical equipment business license. You need to pay attention to this when buying cosmetic contact lenses. If an improper shop does not have a medical device operating company license, it is difficult to convince people in terms of the quality of the cosmetic contact lenses sold, and some related services are unreliable, so this is very important. Once you buy a defective product, the damage to your eyes is great. Look at the date. The product has a production date and a shelf life. If it is expired, do not buy it. When buying a cosmetic contact lens, be sure to pay attention to whether it is expired, so as to avoid using the expired contact and causing harm. When you buy a cosmetic contact lens, you can first understand its approximate price. When you go to buy it, you can compare more. The prices are similar. If the price difference is particularly large, you should pay more attention to it. Don't covet some small ones Cheap. The other thing is don’t blindly think that what others think is good for you. Many cosmetic contact lenses are suitable for others, but they are not suitable for you. Only if you feel comfortable wearing them is good. To have an eye examination on the eyes, not all people are suitable for buying cosmetic contact lenses, and some people with eye diseases are not suitable for wearing cosmetic contact lenses. So don't be impulsive, but do what you can. Age issues. At a young age, the eyes are still in the state of growth and development, so like elementary school students, junior high school students, do not wear contact lenses and color contact lenses under 16 years old. Remember to pay attention to the 'three noes' problem. Nowadays, many cosmetic contact lenses are dazzling. Some shops sell some cosmetic contact lenses to consumers under the slogan of 'import'. These cosmetic contact lenses have many problems, the most common one is The 'three noes' problem. The genuine products generally have relevant anti-counterfeiting marks, and even if they are imported cosmetic contact lenses, a complete Chinese label will be affixed to the outer packaging.
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