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What should optometrists marketing myopia sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Plain sunglasses and clothing as basically belongs to the product, so the electricity in this area has a certain advantage, which is why the cause of the entity store had sunglasses sales continued downturn in recent years. But myopia sunglasses is optical shop alley, but unfortunately, many stores for the importance of the business is not enough, right way or poor products, so that the poor sales. How marketing myopia optometrists the sunglasses? Sunglasses factory 9803 c3 frame black lens grey frog mirror polarized sunglasses sunglasses sale myopia sunglasses, there are three key points: 1. Select the correct timing when myopia glasses for customers to come to take the mirror, or to enjoy the free cleaning and maintenance services is a better sales. Because at this time of customer mentality to relax, recommend not wary of optometrists. 2. Recommend must be patient though recommended is not equal to hundred clinch a deal, but certainly not clinch a deal is not recommended. And optometrists should stand in the perspective of the customer problems, put forward feasible advice to customers, this will make an impression in customers' mind, even if he didn't buy, once found themselves with this requirement in the future, will think of you the first time. 3. Facing the price objection, outstanding product value premise is to make consumers on myopia sunglasses 'just', otherwise, even if again cheap may also be considered a 'redundant' and refused to customers. Ms sunglasses factory YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens dazzle colour blue sunglasses sales professional prompts a. High camber sunglasses selected sunglass radian is too big, pay attention to the camber matching camber is high at the same time, may cause wear discomfort, and processing is difficult, so choose. If the customer demand for personal aesthetic or carry scene, determined choice, in addition to consider. b。 Lens piece form large lens diameter is not enough, and the degree is high, the greater the lens glasses is heavier, although can move by heart, beautiful thin process, such as but may cause poor peripheral vision. If the customer choose, indicate. c。 No metal screw device design all the rims no screw opening and closing, lens device is difficult. d。 Different lens design personalized cutting edge can meet the requirements of some different lenses. e. Without frame sunglasses for frame sunglasses and polarizer to avoid as much as possible.
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